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AAG - Disability Rights - Springfield

Bureau:           The mission of the Disability Rights Bureau is to protect and advance the interests of persons with disabilities in Illinois. The Bureau enforces the civil rights of people with disabilities under state and federal laws and is specifically charged with enforcing the Environmental Barriers Act, 410 ILCS 25/1, et seq. and the Illinois Accessibility Code,  71 Ill. Admin. Code 400.110 et seq., the state laws that ensure physical access to public facilities by people with disabilities.  When a violation is confirmed, or an investigation of a civil rights matter indicates reasonable cause to believe that a person with a disability has suffered discrimination, the Bureau attempts to amicably resolve the complaint.  When this is not possible, the Bureau may file a lawsuit seeking injunctive relief, damages and fines in the name of the People of the State of Illinois against the owner of the facility or other appropriate respondent.


The Bureau also provides advocacy, information and referral services to persons with disabilities.  In this role, the Bureau responds to questions from people with disabilities, professionals, business owners, school districts, community groups, employers and others regarding their rights and responsibilities under local, state and federal disability laws.  In most cases, the Bureau refers individuals to disability organizations that have the expertise to address the specific needs of the individual.  In some instances, Bureau staff will advocate for the provision of services or accommodations on behalf of a person with a disability.  The Disability Rights Bureau is also engaged in proposing legislative amendments, commenting on policy and advising on amicus curiae briefs with the goal of improving the lives of individuals with disabilities.


Salary:            Commensurate with qualifications and experience, the salary range is $50,500 to $67,500.   Only licensed attorneys with at least two years of experience will be considered. 


To ensure full consideration, please send resume and cover letter to:


Ruta Stropus

            Director of Attorney Recruitment and Professional Development

            Attn: Adelaida Otero

            Office of the Attorney General

            100 West Randolph, 12th Floor

            Chicago, Illinois 60601

            (312) 814-3695        

            (312) 814-5024 (Fax)

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