Monday, February 12, 2007


Staff Attorney

Staff Attorney
Legal - Corporate Center

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: J.D. degree and license to practice law in Illinois. Experience in municipal or other governmental body representation is desired. Experience in commercial transactions or public agency procurements is desired. Must have excellent research skills. Ability to utilize sound judgment in appraising and evaluating legal problems. Must have working knowledge of statutory and common laws applicable to municipal bodies. Proven ability to handle and maintain confidential information. Must have excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills.

DUTIES: Assists in monitoring the Authority’s compliance with enabling legislation, including competitive procurement, reporting and record keeping, governmental ethics and affirmative action. Assists in monitoring and drafting documents for all Authority procurement activities to assure compliance with applicable laws. In combination with other legal staff or outside counsel and management, assists in the negotiation of contracts for the Authority’s corporate purposes. Assists in monitoring Authority contract administration activities, including providing assistance to administrative staff in drafting required correspondence. Responds to legal inquiries and causes of action directed to the Authority from third parties, including but not limited to requests under the Freedom of Information Act and discovery in circuit and federal court litigation and administrative agency proceedings. Counsels Authority staff with respect to the legal implications of the performance of their duties. Performs legal research relating to assigned work problems and reports on findings. Works with Authority management on complex commercial, construction and real estate transactions. Advises staff regarding legal issues associated with the financial affairs of the authority. Performs other duties as assigned.

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